A downloadable game for Windows

Save The Galaxy from the evil overlord Zaton!!!

The player flies a space fighter around space. This game may seem
like an asteroid clone. Well it's different in it's own way. The
goal of the game is to find 4 stations that is powering up a
barrier around Zaton. Destroy all 4 of the stations and the
barrier will be disarmed. Once you disarm the barrier that is
when you shoot down Zaton and save the galaxy. This game also has
computer generated voices to make the game more fun.
Left and Right arrow keys = Rotate Ship
X Key = Thrust
Z Key = Shoot laser
Spacebar = Reset the Game
Escape = End the game


Zaton.zip 3 MB

Install instructions

Once you download the game unzip the file and double click on the icon to start the game.

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